2", 2.5", 3" 

Cord and Hook included.
Non-Knurled- you're trying to improve your grip strength, right? You want to buff your callouses, buy a sander! Squeeze harder and hang on. These rollers do have welded ends that allow them to be slipped onto the safety bars in a squat rack and avoid the bump. Wrist Rollers fit over 1" safety bars or 1" Standard barbell ends.

$35, or all three for $90

Typical USA Shipping $17.90 
This is for a single or all 3

Standard Cord is 550 Paracord upgrade to 1000 lb cord +$5.00

David Whitley Was nice enough to do a review of his new FBBC Wrist Rollers. Check out Dave  at Strength Shop Dojo
Product out of stock and undergoing a V2 design update. Check back later.