Andrew's Axle
Inspired by gripsport Axle Deadlift world record holder and designed after Herman Goerner's massive challenge barbell we have a 2-3/8" axle barbell. Polished natural steel center at 2-3/8" thick non-revolving. The bar is the full length and size as a competition Olympic barbell. The loading area is machined to fit high end bumper plates. Empty the bar weights in approximately at 37.5 lbs.

7 Feet Long (Same as a Olympic Barbell)
2-3/8 thick at center
37.5 Lbs empty. 

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Andrew Durniat testing out his namesake Axle after 2016 Gripsport Nationals. 

Andrew Durniat 
180KG (396.83lb) WORLD RECORD

2.Gilbert Goodman – 352.74 
3.Kody Burns – 341.72
3. Jedd Johnson – 341.72
3.Juha Harju – 341.72
6.Aaron Corcorran – 330.69
6.Arto Joronen – 330.69
8.Brandon Gerber – 308.65
8.Jake Sahlaney – 308.65
10.Josh Henze – 286.60
11.Nick Rosendaul – 264.55