Andrew's Axle
Inspired by gripsport Axle Deadlift world record holder and designed after Herman Goerner's massive challenge barbell we have a 2-3/8" axle barbell. Polished natural steel center at 2-3/8" thick non-revolving. The bar is the full length and size as a competition Olympic barbell. The loading area is machined to fit high end bumper plates. Empty the bar weights in approximately at 37.5 lbs.

7 Feet Long (Same as a Olympic Barbell)
2-3/8 thick at center
37.5 Lbs empty. 

10 Axles are under construction but we put them on the back burner to catch up on Crusher orders for the King Kong. 

Typical USA Shipping $60 Varies by location.

Andrew Durniat testing out his namesake Axle after 2016 Gripsport Nationals. 

Andrew Durniat 
180KG (396.83lb) WORLD RECORD

2.Gilbert Goodman – 352.74 
3.Kody Burns – 341.72
3. Jedd Johnson – 341.72
3.Juha Harju – 341.72
6.Aaron Corcorran – 330.69
6.Arto Joronen – 330.69
8.Brandon Gerber – 308.65
8.Jake Sahlaney – 308.65
10.Josh Henze – 286.60
11.Nick Rosendaul – 264.55