Welcome to FBBC's family of loading pins. We offer multiple versions to fit your needs. We got everything from the original finger lifting loading pin to specialty loading pins used for contest or special attachments. All Loading Pins are Steel and produced locally in Detroit. 

Loading Pin Summary

Double Bastard Loading Pin $30
​Short Bastard Loading Pin $30
Contest Loading Pin $35
Contest Crossguard $30 OUT OF STOCK
Omni Loading Pin $100 
Short Omni Loading Pin $95 OUT OF STOCK

($15 off the Omni Pins with Purchase of any Climber Pinch)


Loading Pin/Finger Lift

Same features as the full sized loading pin only shorter. Great for hubs and other pinch implements where the extra range of motion can bring on new strength gains. All steel and Economy priced.



Loading Pin/Finger Lift

A training partner suggested we use our massive hook on the loading pin for one finger lifts. this makes the double bastard a great tool as both a loading pin and the above mentioned one finger lifts. Pro strongman Brian Schoonveld has done 135 lbs with a pinkie on this apparatus. All steel and Economy priced.


First used in the 2015 International King Kong Grip contest as a way to standardize events and simplify judging. This loading pin has a detachable cross guard that when pinned into 1 of 4 locations allows for a 6", 8", 10" and 13" lift to a standard 16.5" Height standard used in grip sport. Change plates can be loaded on top of the crossbar for faster loading at events. 

Loading Pin $35
Cross Guard $30

Combo $65

Omni Loading Pin
"The Pin that does it all"
Setting up for SJ3 Contest
Photo by Nathaniel Brous

The Omni Loading pin was developed as a solution to mounting both standard carabiner clip grip equipment as well as hard mounted climber pinches and hubs. The top half flips to allow you to swap from a hook top to a threaded top. But why stop there the pin also accepts the contest cross guard for lift to height events and acts as the base for the FBBC anvil trainer. 

Omni Pin $100
Short Omni Pin $95

($15 off the Omni Pins with Purchase of any Climber Pinch)

​FBBC Makes no guarantee that other company's equipment will fit the omni pin. But as of our last test we found the Barrel Strength Flask and Stronger Grip Blob Fit perfect. 

​Barrel Strength Flask
Stronger Grip Blob

Your innovations have been awesome. Because of your top loading contest FLEW...with 19 competitors. We finished all three events in under 4 hours. It made things sooooo easy.
~Nathaniel Brous Promoter SJ3