A giant full size pinch barbell built to the specifications of grip master Adam T Glass who was looking for a way to perform full snatch grip Olympic pinch snatches. 2.5" wide with rounded edges to spare the thumb webbing and a full 7 feet long with thick wall tubing for the body and the ends this bar is built to be dropped from overhead with the best you can give it. 

Adam will be attempting to set the deadlift record for this bar August 13th at
Living Legends Contest

7 Feet Long (Same as a Olympic Barbell)
2.5" by 5" Square with Rounded Edges
50 Lbs empty. 


Typical USA Shipping $60 Varies by location.


Kody Burns
120KG (264.55lb) WORLD RECORD

​2.Jedd Johnson – 259.04
3. Juha Harju – 253.53
3.Arto Joronen – 253.53
5.Andrew Durniat –242.51
6.Gilbert Goodman – 231.48
6. Brandon Gerber – 231.48
6. Aaron Corcorran – 231.48
9.Jake Sahlaney – 220.46
10.Josh Henze – 209.44
11.Nick Rosendaul – 187.39

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