Climber Pinch
The Climber Pinch

I thinker around building Grip Sport training tools in my garage. Several years ago I came up with what I called the “Climber Pinch” – it helped me to attain the 17th highest Euro Pinch result in Grip Sport at the age of 67. It was a 2” x 6” piece of rectangular steel tube with a nut welded to the bottom – then with a long bolt as a loading pin – you could practice both one and two hand pinch without the cutting and/or tearing common with the thumb web with the Euro apparatus or when using plates. Over the years I have made several for people. When Andrew of FBBC talked to me about producing them I was honored and encouraged him to do so. They give a progressive way to train for the various plate pinch feats (2 x 45#) – (5 x 10#) – (3 x 25#) – (2x35) etc as well as the David Horne Euro Pinch setup used in competition. You can also start at a lighter weight than the feat itself requires – obviously an advantage for training. I think you will find them very good tools for attaining your pinch goals.  

Chris Rice
Aka Climber511

Benefits of the Climber Pinch
Simulates the feel of a Euro Pinch Better 
than a block and loading Pin Combo

Does not tear up the thumb webbing like plate pinching does

Sizes Available

 2" - $45

2.5" - $50

3" - $55

3.5" $60

4" - $60

Pick any 3 Blocks $135

Set of 5 Blocks $200

Loading Pin not Included

 Climber Pinches use the Omni Loading Pin 
or a 1"-8 bolt to load plates.

5" Bolt for Loading $4.65

Typical USA Shipping for one $13.60
Typical USA Shipping for 4 $18.90
Typical World Shipping 

4" Climber on Omni Pin with Contest Cross Guard
Climber Pinch Records