Legends Anvil 
Cast steel replicas from a real 170 pound anvil with a 3" base that slopes at an uneven rate to the point. 

​Base Version: $185  
Cast handle with eye-hook that can be hooked to any loading pin, cable machine or pull up bar to train your hands for the day that anvil lift crosses your path.                                               

Legends Anvil. Base Version
Anvil the Casting was copied from
Perfect Version: $235 
Same Cast anvil including all the parts needed to simulate a real anvil at more than half the cost. Comes with the mounting bracket on the anvil to hook to an Omni Loading pin. Loading Pin included. Anvil head sits at a 25 Degree angle the same as the anvil it was cast from, And sits at the same height as the real thing. This is the most accurate anvil trainer available… short of having a full size anvil to train on. 

Note: This will be the version that will be required for record lists. 

​Anvil Pin Adapter: $60
For those looking to upgrade their base anvil to mount on to a Omni loading pin. Includes bolt.
Premium Version: $285
Same combo as the perfect vision but with the full Omni loading pin top that will allow you to use your loading pin with Climber pinches and any carabiner tools with ease. 


Lucas Raymond 

​2Thomas Larsen247.14Past WR
3Andrew Durniat231.49
4Jedd Johnson231.49
5Kody Burns231.49
6Gil Goodman231.49
7Joe Sullivan230.30
8Juha Harju209.44
9Jake Sahlaney 198.42
10Aaron Corcorran198.42
11Arto Joronen198.42
12Anton Torrella187.00
13Brandon Gerber176.37
14Nick Rosendaul176.37
15Josh Henze159.84
16Brandon Azevedo139.44
17Durry Becker128.42
18Ian Gillaspie106.37
19Bill Cassell78.82

Anvils out of stock. More Castings are on order.